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Getting (QCF) NVQ Assessor Qualified

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What do I need to become an NVQ/QCF Assessor?

You need two things: a QCF (NVQ) Level 3 Assessor Qualification (or the A1 or D32/33), and sufficient experience in the work area/NVQ title you want to assess. NVQ Assessor Experience Requirements are different for each NVQ – see next FAQ.

How do I find out whether my existing experience and qualifications will be sufficient to meet the Assessor Experience Requirements?

NVQ Assessor Experience Requirements are detailed in the Centre Handbooks (or ‘Guides to Centres') which are issued by Awarding Organisations (such as OCR or Edexcel) to their Approved Centres. Try the website of an Awarding Organisation of your choice by searching for one of these documents under your work area – if you have no luck there (and it can be difficult to find) then ask a Centre (whoever is offering NVQs) or the Awarding Organisation by email… or ask your Assessor course provider – they should be able to help.

I don’t have access to NVQ candidates – can I take the QCF Assessor Certificate?

Yes, you may well be able to – speak to different NVQ QCF Assessor Certificate course providers and see how they can help you.

Do I need to have done the NVQ that I want to assess?

Not necessarily, although sometimes a requirement to hold an NVQ may be stipulated in the Assessor Experience Requirements (see FAQs above). However, even if holding the NVQ is not required, you will need to develop an in-depth knowledge of the National Occupational Standards that underpin your QCF NVQ. Your NVQ QCF Assessor training provider will be able to give you guidance on this.

What is the quickest time I can become qualified as an NVQ QCF Assessor?

That will be down to two things - how quickly your QCF NVQ Assessor training provider says the minimum is, and how focused you are on completing your QCF NVQ Assessor qualification quickly. The core work required is to learn all the theory about QCF assessing, and then carry out 4 assessments. Some fast-track providers complete the QCF Assessor Certificate course in 1 or 2 days, and then you could complete your assessments and your Portfolio of evidence in 2 or 3 weeks after that. Awarding Organisations generally take a couple of weeks to process certification. In brief, the quickest you could expect from initial training to certificate in hand in 4 to 5 weeks, assuming you and your Centre are focused and efficient.

What do I actually have to do to get through the NVQ (QCF) Assessor course?

You have to learn the NVQ QCF Assessor methodology and theory, and complete a Portfolio of evidence to show that you have learned this.  You will also gather evidence to show that you have carried out the required minimum 4 assessments (2 assessments each on 2 candidates). Your NVQ Assessor training provider will give you all the detail, there is little advantage in reading up the NVQ Assessor standards in detail before you begin – it may well just serve to confuse.

What should I be good at to be an NVQ Assessor?

You should want to work with people and pass on your experience, and support them in their quest to self-improve and get qualified. You should also be capable of planning and organising yourself and others – basic stuff – arranging times and journeys, being punctual and presentable, and doing what you say you are going to do. You will be trained in planning and conducting assessments, and giving feedback, so you should be keen to do all these things. You should be able to handle basic report writing on individuals, and filing evidence and Portfolios. You should also be able to communicate effectively in English (or Welsh in Wales - see Para.39 of the NVQ Code of Practice).



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